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I am a crazy woman, funny and carefree but type A and anal all at the same time. I have two daughters and a Father who's a King...what more do I need?! My goal on this planet is to help His bride: literally (I plan weddings for a living!) and spiritually (I occasionally offer words of wisdom to loved ones...) Bless us all on this journey!

Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


How's this for an explanation of Freedom in the Christian walk? Chew on the following idea: Satan did not put the fruity temptation in the Garden, God did. Because without choices (even bad ones) there's no true freedom; God loved us enough and wants us to choose Him so badly that He's even willing to deal with our bad choices if it means they'll bring us closer to Him...which is where true freedom really lies. Huh. God put temptation there, on purpose. I've been chewing on that for 2 weeks now...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Anyone know what this is? Say it to yourself first and then keep reading. It's a ladder, which is the second thing you see, that we put up at our church for a Jacob's Ladder Prayer Storm. We did not put the angel there...