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I am a crazy woman, funny and carefree but type A and anal all at the same time. I have two daughters and a Father who's a King...what more do I need?! My goal on this planet is to help His bride: literally (I plan weddings for a living!) and spiritually (I occasionally offer words of wisdom to loved ones...) Bless us all on this journey!

Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Let the angels rejoice maybe this LONG ASS WINTER will eventually end after all. I'm talking spring training here people, and there is no greater joy for a Cubs fan than to have a Mesa, Arizona spring training game on the tv on a friday afternoon while it's 29 degrees here in the ol' midwest. Please God, please let it get warm soon...Wrigley Field misses me...


Elizabeth F. said...

you are so crazy! I'm enjoying March Madness Basketball here in NC. It was 85 degrees 2 days ago, now it's 40 and I swear I saw some flurries today. Weird!

Tammy said...

I saw some flurries here today too, while sitting at Walgreen's. It was weird cuz you could barely see them. We bought a pool today because last year when I went to get one they were already out, so I wanted to make sure I got the one that I wanted this year. Avery (my oldest grand daughter) wanted to use it right away of course!! I told her we have to wait til summer. So then every time the sun peeked out bright from behind the clouds today, she would say "it's summer out now"!!! So, cute!!

Jenny W said...

i'm right there with you avery, ain't it summer YET? come on sunshine!!!