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I am a crazy woman, funny and carefree but type A and anal all at the same time. I have two daughters and a Father who's a King...what more do I need?! My goal on this planet is to help His bride: literally (I plan weddings for a living!) and spiritually (I occasionally offer words of wisdom to loved ones...) Bless us all on this journey!

Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Saturday, March 31, 2007


I love love love going to the city. Don't want to live there but love to visit. Took the girls one day this week over spring break to the Navy Pier children's museum, EXCELLENT place to go for only $8 a person, really not bad considering all there is to do there. Tried to put in some pics of the funnest (raincoats for the "water room," I mean what kid wouldn't love that?!) but even after disabling my pop up blocker it won't let me. Sooooo I'll just let you guys use your imaginations and maybe in another 5 years or so I'll figure out how to do pics, links, and other cool blog stuff that right now I just get warnings about on my screen when I try to do them:)


Elizabeth F. said...

WE have to go next time I visit! Glad you had a good time.

Gina Morales said...

Jenny, computers are hard to figure out. They say they are user friendly, but I don't think I like the type of frienship they offer us at times.

I love Chicago myself. I'm glad you had a good time. We went on Saturday to this Christian ballet - and it was awesome!!!!! They did the Hiding place by Corrie Ten Boom. Anyway, glad you had a good time.

Be blessed my friend.

Elizabeth F. said...

Do you know Jenny? I visited your blog and saw that you live in IN. Jenny knows all about working form home with kids. I saw you are doing MAry Kay. Good Luck with that! My SIL seems to be enjoying it very much.

Glad to see some new people on here! LOL!

John F. said...

Jenny if you want to disable your pop-up blocker for a moment so you can open a new screen, say to add a pic on your blog just hold the "Ctrl" key down then click on your link when the window is open let go of the "Ctrl" key. this will disable the pop-up and let you open your new window.

Jenny W said...

since i haven't even checked my blog in 5 days i'm obviously busier than my computer likes! thanks john for the tip, i'll try when i get 2 minutes without kids:) as for gina, she and i sold partylite together back in the day (e you probably met her at one time or another! elizabeth was my assistant forever and then LEFT ME for north carolina LOL). so yes, thanks all for stopping by...