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Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Jenny McCarthy

I'm watching Oprah as we speak, and Jenny McCarthy (whom I've hated in the past) is a celebrity mom dealing with an autistic child. When her little boy was two he started having seizures, doctors misdiagnosed epilepsy/fevers/mom's crazy/whatever. Finally a diagnosis of autism. Doctor said "Sorry," and sent them home. Guess what? When Sky was 13 months old she started having seizures, doctors misdiagnosed, "mom's crazy," finally a dignosis of autism. Doctors said "Sorry," sent us home. That was 9 years ago. NOW, FINALLY, I CAN WATCH OPRAH AND SEE THESE RICH FAMOUS MOMS AND KNOW THEY'RE NOT CRAZY, AND I'M NOT CRAZY! They're talking about the danger in our nations One Size Fits All vaccination program, the danger in our processed foods, the idea that SO MANY OF OUR CHILDRENS BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS CAN BE CHANGED WITH DIET...NOT MEDS. So attention moms: even if you're not dealing with this in you home, join those of us who are: MAKE DOCTORS ACCOUNTABLE. Do your homework. Our bodies are like computers, Garbage In Garbage Out. Ask questions, protect your families, and be willing to go against the grain. Go mommies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Jenny McCarthy has a book called Louder Than Words, about her story that is obviously specific to autism but that applies to EVERY mom's struggle to fight for her family. I'm getting mine today!!!!!!!!!!!


Tammy said...

I DVR Oprah. So after I read your blog, I went and watched the show. I was moved and I learned a lot! I liked the comment by Holly (I think that was her name) that they are not autistic, they have autism.

This program on autism really got me thinking.

While Jenny McCarthy was talking about the diet and such and about the statistics being 1 in 150 children, I was thinking: so what about that 1 child causes him/her to attract autism while the other 149 do not.
It's obviously not just the process of vaccination that causes it or wouldn't everyone vaccinated get it?? It seems to me that there has to be some other variable that interacts with the vaccinations and that is what they need to study and find out. Is there some sort of test that can be given before vaccination to detect if a child is susceptible or not....I suppose they would have to discover the variable first. On the otherhand, are vaccinations necessary at all? I mean I had chicken pox and measles and so did almost every one I know in my era and no one died or became disabled in any manner by those childhood diseases.

Ya know some people can be heavy smokers and never get lung cancer, while others get lung cancer from merely living with someone who smokes. Why???? Will we ever know??

What is different in the chemical makeup of a child that makes them susceptible to autism? That is what I think they need to study.....and maybe they already are. Holly mentioned this later in the show saying something about maybe there is a predisposition or something.
But how do you do a study like that if you don't know which child is the one that is susceptible??

I have 3 children who were all vaccinated and are all fine. And out of all the people I have known in my whole life, I have only encountered 2 children with autism.

Another question that stirred in my mind was are there children who were not vaccinated but have autism? I am very curious about that.

Let me know what you think of the book Jen.

Mrs. Sara said...

"I liked the comment by Holly (I think that was her name) that they are not autistic, they have autism."

People-first language. They're PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES, they're not their disability.

I'm relatively sure it started in the eighties, and I think it really helps, because folks with disabilities used to be called "retards" or "cripples" or "Mongoloids." Eek.

(Sorry, Shriners... no more "Help Retarded Children signs)

And a side note: I LOVE Jenny McCarthy because she lost post-baby weight on Weight Watchers.

As for the variables that make kids more susceptible to autism, nobody knows. That's the problem. There are theories out the wazoo, including a rather interesting one linking autism to TV watching, but ultimately we don't know yet, and I pray that we find out soon.

I've actually known what I consider to be a significant number of kids with autism, including my brother in law. I think it just depends on your environment. I worked at an elementary school for a year, and that's when I encountered the most.

But I do know that the autism rate in this country is super high right now. Some studies suggest that it's as high as 1 in 150.

Elizabeth F. said...

Very scary! I missed the show. I'm doing lots of research right now to decide whether or not to continue vaccinating, but either way WE all have to make informed choices!

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