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Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Friday, September 7, 2007

New Fave Blog

Mrs. Sara posted a few days ago her SIL had a comment on vaccines. So I went to HER blog, led to other visits to other sites, and I landed on this vaccineawareness.blogspot.com. It's on my Fave Blog list over to the right here, listed as Vaccines in the News. IT'S FABULOUS. The author leads the NVIC, National Vaccine Information Center (also an awesome website). For those of us who feel overwhelmed by the controversy, this woman has done all the work for us! She presents whatever the argument of the day is, and then her own (usually holistic) opinion on it. Every 21st century family needs to be on top of this; as opposed to when we were kids, children now are subjected to over 40 doses of 14 different vaccines by the time they're 5. People who say "well we did shots and we were fine" have not read the "new" recipes for today's vaccines, let alone the sheer NUMBER of shots we now require! I don't tell moms to cease vaccinations. I DO TELL MOMS TO BE INFORMED! READ THIS BLOG AND CHECK IT OFTEN!


Elizabeth F. said...

Jsut an FYI, I may be going to a LLL conference in Nov and hear Dr. Sear's son speak. Can't remember which one maybe Jim. Anyway, I read in his bio that he has a Vaccine Book coming out in October! I am anxious to hear the Sears take on this subject!

I'll have to check out that blog too!

Elizabeth F. said...

P.S. you need to link that blog over there. You cna't click on it and go anywhere! Or put a web-address.

Jenny W said...

i clicked on it and went right to it. what else do i have to do? otherwise do the vaccineawareness.blogspot.com in your address bar and it'll take you...