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Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Monday, July 23, 2007

Eco-Friendly Mommy?

I read an article in People recently about this guy who, in an attempt to be green, wears the same clothes over and over, only showers for like 30 seconds every other day, and brushes his teeth in the shower with the same organic home-made cleansing whatever that he uses on his body. THIS GOT ME THINKING. There is something in my capitalistic brainwashed self that says that's like washing my body with Colgate or brushing my teeth with Dove. But you know what? It's not!! I just took a shower and did an inventory of my toiletries. Do I need different soap for my face than for the rest of me? Do I need handsoap that's different than soap for the rest of me? Do I need separate shaving creams/lathers/gels? Then I get out of the shower. There are feet lotions, body lotions, lotions for stretch marks (that after almost 7 years apparently aren't going away), there are firming lotions (for thighs and tummies that, also, are not going anywhere)! Then there are face lotions, hand lotions, then the hair stuff. Those of you who've seen my mane can only imagine. IT'S RIDICULOUS. There are factories who have to make this stuff, diesel fueled-trucks that have to ship it, local box trucks that have to deliver it, fork lifts that have to stock it, and my car that has to buy it and cart it home. Then I use the stuff (chemical-laden to say the least) and yes I recycle the bottles, but there are deisel-fueled trucks that have to come to my house once a week to pick up the stuff, factories that have to recycle it, and more factories that have to turn the recycled stuff into new stuff. WHAT ARE WE DOING????????????????????????????????


Elizabeth F. said...

You are so right! We, as a society, need to live simpler, more earth friendly. We don't "need" alot fo the stuff that we use everyday. Just go on vacation or camping and realize what you can really live without. There are so many home-made soaps and cleaners that can be made from things around our house...like Baking Soda, Peroxide, Olive Oil, etc... I'm sure there's a book on it somewhere...:-)

kathy said...

So true! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I like your place too!

For more info on moving towards eco-friendly (and body healthy) check out my business blog too - www.broomhuggers.com. You'd be shocked at what's in the stuff we use!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will definately have to come back.


Gina said...

So what is the solution?