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Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Friday, July 6, 2007


I still need to blog about the Dells, and I will when I get time to add some pics. But tomorrow is 7/7/07, and (among many other things going on in the media) a book is being released by the guy from the metal band Korn that got saved 2 years ago. His name is Head, and his website is headtochrist.com. His story is amazing, and hits so close to home in light of everything I've had to watch Dave go through the last three years. The enemy lies to musicians...especially good musicians. So much can be done for the Kingdom through music and worship...and I hate to give the devil too much credit but boy he loves to go after the artists that mights actually do somethingg through that music and worship. So do me a favor and pray for Head, for his book sales, for the teenagers who hear his story. While you're at it pray for the other musicians in Korn's world (which Head left, to pursue Christian art projects) who need a story of their own. The "counter-culture" is such a cool place to be, and such a scary one.


Gina said...

I'm happy he gave his life to the Lord, and I pray God can use him to reach numerous, countless souls. I checked out his website. Is it new?

Jenny W said...

it's updated, because the book just came out this past weekend and an announcement about it was on the website. he got saved in 2005 and there are other sites about that, but the headtochrist one is his official site. dark and creepy looking sortof...and yet those are the lost kids that are his audience, and something that "looks like church" won't reach them. i think it's awesome.

Elizabeth F. said...

I had no idea who he was, but John knew who he was when I read your post to him. :-)

I'm back early, long story. :-) Post pics of your trip soon!