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I am a crazy woman, funny and carefree but type A and anal all at the same time. I have two daughters and a Father who's a King...what more do I need?! My goal on this planet is to help His bride: literally (I plan weddings for a living!) and spiritually (I occasionally offer words of wisdom to loved ones...) Bless us all on this journey!

Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Babies Babies Babies

Here she is... couldn't resist sending pics of the hair and cheeks!


Elizabeth F. said...

Oh my gosh, she's adorable Jen!! I love the pinkness of newborns. So sweet! And look at the proud cousins. By the way, did Hannah ever get Flat Stanley back with the pics? We read the book and now we are reading Stanley, Flat Again! Evidently, there is also an Invisible Stanley book as well.

Congrats on the new niece!

Jenny W said...

Wanna hear something crazy? We have a Flat Stanley book in this house that we apparently got for Christmas and because I'd never heard of him I didn't realize it was a book I should know about! So yes, now we're reading it, and yes your Flat Stanley reached Parkview and it was all very exciting:) Thanks for participating! Can't wait to see you...

Liz said...

So cute! Oh, it makes me want another one!