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I am a crazy woman, funny and carefree but type A and anal all at the same time. I have two daughters and a Father who's a King...what more do I need?! My goal on this planet is to help His bride: literally (I plan weddings for a living!) and spiritually (I occasionally offer words of wisdom to loved ones...) Bless us all on this journey!

Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Monday, April 7, 2008

Here's to Not Knowing What You're Doing:)

Ok I've learned quickly I can plan a wedding in my sleep, but I know NOTHING about running a business! At least not the right way. I've done it out of my basement, on notebook paper, as a service, in cash. Now I have to have things like tax ID numbers and retail certificates. Yikes! So fortunately I had a divine appointment with a gal at the Kouts Chamber of Commerce lunch last week who runs the H&R Block down here and is a self-proclaimed "tax geek." LET THE EARTH REJOICE! I have an appointment with her tonight to get set up properly, so I don't, like, go to jail or anything:)
Meanwhile the shop itself is gorgeous! And really, that IS the important part...


Liz said...

When do you open? I am so excited to come visit! I'm glad you found someone to help you out with all the legal mumbo jumbo. I wouldn't have a clue about any of that stuff!

Jenny W said...

I am open! And joy of all joys: got a phonecall from the school today Skylar needed to come home, WITH CHICKEN POX! I'm excited as we--of course--didn't get vaxed for it, but it's par for the course that out of 10 1/2 years of parenting that could have possibly included chicken pox, the universe waits until NOW to give it to us. No school, 2 kids, no grown-ups in the house, no employees... oh well it won't be the first time i have to be in two places at once!!!!

Liz said...

YEA for being open and YEA for chicken pox! Too bad they had to happen simultaneously! I know it probably seems funny to cheer that your kid is sick, but as a mama who has denied the chicken pox vax, I understand! Hope she gets better quickly!

Elizabeth F. said...

The store is beautiful!! And I seriously hope my kids get the Pox too. There's a small chance anyways. At least we were exposed even if they don't show any symptoms. Does that count for anything?