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Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Friday, November 7, 2008

Divison of Labor

And I don't mean labor like baby labor, although that feat alone should excuse all women from any other kind of work in my opinion:) No, I mean the labor around your house. As a single mom I do everything from laundry to climbing on the roof cleaning the gutters. Most married SAHMs I know, since they work in the home, do the work of the home: laundry, food prep, scrubbing floors, etc; but many of them also mow the grass and clean the garage. I also know several hubbies who work outside the home but cook many of the family meals. So our generation definitely has a crossover, which I think is GREAT. But. I have a grampa and grampa who've been married 55 years, and he doesn't know how to do laundry. In 55 years the man has NEVER. DONE. LAUNDRY. He doesn't know how to put a tv dinner into a preheated oven. She doesn't know how to work a checkbook. She's never mowed the lawn, and she's pretty much not even ALLOWED in the garage:) Their division is very very rigid...but they've been married forever and so it has obviously worked for them. Do you guys think there's a right or wrong way? Or does it just vary from family to family? Should each person just go by their strengths rather than their gender? What if their partner disagrees?


Tammy said...

My hubby knows how to and if necessary will do laundry, dishes, vacuuming, make the bed ect. He even does those things sometimes just to help. He actually will do ANYTHING I ask him too....he likes me! YAY Kirk!!!! And I usually mow the lawn because I like too! We do however prefer that Kirk NEVER cook!

Jenny W said...

omg that made me laugh...you both prefer he never cook that's hilarious:)

Elizabeth F. said...

I think both parties need to know how to do the majority of the tasks around the house. What if one is sick or passes away? I am a firm believer that boys should know how to take care of themselves by cooking and cleaning and laundry and such...and girls should know simple things like car maintenance, how to change a tire, cute the grass, etc... Most couple come to some sort of agreement or understanding on who will do what tasks and that's fine, but I think we should not be compeltely oblivious to those tasks. And...gosh for our generation how scary would it be to NOT know anything about your finances? I just don't trust anyone enough to put my life and well-being completely in their hands without even knowing what is going on. Generational differences for sure! I have to say that my Hubby and I pretty much know how to do all the tasks around the house. I manage the money and he is kept informed. He LOVES to cook...and I LOVE for him to cook too! he..he..

Angela said...

Kirk and cooking....so NOT a good idea. He cooked one time that I can remember. He thought that when making mac n cheese all u need is in the box. Have u ever had mac n cheese with no butter or milk added? Oh and overcooked noodles!