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Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Save! The!...Batteries?

I was cleaning out a closet this morning and in one of the corners was a bag full of old batteries I need to take to the recycling bin at the store. I had mentioned this to a family member recently, who didn't know you can't throw them in the trash. Other no-nos include old fingernail polish bottles, aerosol cans, and oil-based paint cans. In Valpo, fortunately, there are lots of places to discard these things! The courthouse (the "new" one) has several bins in their lobby for old VHS tapes, old cell phones, and batteries. Walmart has several bins as well. And on hwy 130 heading west out of town, on the right side is a hill with a gate, that you can drive up and leave your electronics. They have a shed, and a little old man sits at the gate and asks what you're bringing. They then recycle the electronics when the shed is full. Did you guys know that?! One last tidbit: the city takes all their trees there, from excavating projects, etc. The humungo wood-chipper there chews the trees into mulch... piles and piles... each WAY bigger than my house; and it's free to the public! It's not pretty mulch, not treated or dyed, but if you have projects around your trees or under a swingset in the backyard, grab a pitchfork:) Save the Earth! Save your Batteries! Use free mulch! :)

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Elizabeth F. said...

We recycle pretty religiously, but I don't think there is anywhere here to recycle batteries and fingernail polish, LOL! I'd have to call the city I guess to find out for sure.

While we are at it...get Energy Smart light bulbs as well!! I found some at Home Depot for $4.88 a box! For a 4pk. That's a great price!! I think the price is finally starting to come down a bit on them.Our grocery store has them Buy 1 get 1 Free this week as well. LOL!