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Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Toiletries... From the Kitchen?

Ok this sounds nuts but you guys are used to my crazy ideas so here goes. In an effort to #1 save money, and #2 help the environment, and #3 reduce the chemicals we use in/on our bodies I've begun researching ways to clean our house and ourselves with things we already have. For example, have you ever brushed your teeth with a paste of baking soda and peroxide? Your teeth will SQUEAK when you're done, I swear. (Do follow up with regular toothpaste occasionally, for the flouride your enamel needs). Also try cleaning your bathroom with vinegar; no streaks, cheap, disinfects. Or how about olive oil as eye makeup remover ? (I love that one). Olive oil is also a good earwax remover; put in with an eyedropper, lie down for 10 minutes to let it soak, put in a cottonball for a half hour as you go about your activites, remove cottonball. Yuck and Yay! all at the same time. Safe and cheap; I'm all about safe and cheap:)


Elizabeth F. said...

I love these ideas. I think people used to use these everyday before we got all of these fancy expensive cleaners! My dad used to brush his teeth with baking soda. Why do you think they add it in toothpaste?? LOL!

P.S. I clean my mirrors with straight water. AN older lady told me one time that the cleaners put a film on her mirrors. She was right! I guess it makes you need to use more of their product.

Liz said...

I love your ideas!

Jenny W said...

you'd told me that about your mirrors before, and i've tried it and it does work. how many other things would work just fine with water? someone needs to invent a car that runs on water!!!!!!!!1

Tammy said...

There is a car that runs on water, there is even a converter kit to convert your car from running onj gas to running on water...but guess what... it's a no-no cause the government doesn't want us doing that...