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Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Monday, September 8, 2008

Baseball, Apple Pie, and Offshore Drilling... ?

Guys. I was so excited to hear about the choice of Sara Palin, and wanted to listen to the speeches at the Republican convention last week hoping that the Christian in me who is basicly a pro-life Democrat would hear something NEW to cling to with the conservatives. N O P E. When Giulliani started the chant of "Drill Baby Drill" I had to turn the channel. More drilling, more money poured into nuclear power...these ARE NOT THE ANSWER. My sister, for example, has a natural gas pipeline running through her backyard right here in Kouts THAT IS A GOVERNMENT PIPE, and that IS NOT USED. It's for "an emergency." We have oil refineries all over this nation that already exist and do not drill...because we're "saving them for an emergency." THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! Let's take advantage of the resources we already have; not elect people who are gonna hurt our planet even more researching "new" ways to create independence. In a nutshell: Jenny is still a democrat! If only I could find a politician who is a democrat that doesn't kill babies. That'd be great.


Dan said...

Just a few quick notes, we get natural gas from drilling so if you are going to promote natural gas as an alternative, then you'd have to support drilling. There is not even close to enough natural gas currently being produced to replace gas in vehicles so we will need to drill.
Second, oil refineries don't drill, they just refine the oil that is drilled. I'm thinking you might be referring to the US having millions of acres set aside for drilling and not doing it. The reason that these areas are not drilling is because they either can't or it doesn't make sense to. Either there is not enough oil to make it worth it to spend millions to get it out, or the land is unstable. Trust me, it is way more expensive to drill offshore in Alaska than to do it in the land they have, so no one would be willing to unless it was worth it.
Finally, if you are a democrat because of the drilling issue, you might want to find a new party because the democrats are going to drill too. Obama has been agreeing to drill for a while now, although he down plays it for the most part.

I saw that you threw nuclear power in there. What's wrong with nuclear power?

Elizabeth F. said...

Man, how I wish Presidents were like puzzles. Each puzzle piece could represent an issue and we could put the Presidential puzzle together with the pieces that we like to make the perfect president. Wouldn't that be great? And of course, there would be a pro-life piece for my puzzle too!

Jenny W said...

question dan: if we have oil refineries we're not using because they're not feasible, why did we build them? is it because we didn't know they weren't feasible? if that's the case, isnt' there the chance we'll build more oil rigs that--also--won't be feasible? there has to be another way!!!!!

Dan said...

Jenny, I'm still lost on where you're getting the oil refineries not being used from. Could you clarify what you are referring to and where you are getting this info from? I was saying that there is land that is set aside for drilling that we are not drilling on for one reason or another. But there are no refineries or oil rigs in these areas. We have to remember that drilling companies are not loose with their money. Drilling operations are incredibly expensive to build, operate, and maintain, they don't go around putting holes in the ground on a hunch. They do extensive research before they even consider drilling. With as much money as they have riding on these operations if they wanted to drill somewhere, I'd bet good money there is a lot of oil there.
That's all for now. Let me know about that refinery stuff so I can look into it.