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Jesus and His Girl

Jesus and His Girl

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Great Guinea Pig Debate

Ok I would joke about how we haven't had a good vax/unvax debate in awhile, but I just had a guy in my store who reminded me that this topic is SOO serious. He sat here for an hour and told me his story about how his daughter died as a result of complications from the smallpox vaccine, and how now he's on the bandwagon about vaccine education. He's WAY LESS politically correct about it than I am; I'm one of those "I don't tell parents not to do it I just say be educated." Of course I've never had a child die either, and this guy has way more reasons than I do to be way more educated than I am. He had names and dates for scientists, government officials, and lab tests. He had the names of politicians and who's for/ who's against. Perhaps most pertinent to the readers of this blog here, he had an article on the eighteen kids who've died from the Gardasil vaccine and the other 8000 reported adverse reactions just in the couple years it's been on the market. (Couple years is like, 600-700 days? Even if you add another 100 days it's been on the market for a conservative estimate of 800 days, you've got 10 reports EVERY DAY of a kid hurt because of this shot.)

Sooo... as usual my advice is this. Read the ingredients, research those ingredients. Then decide.


Elizabeth F. said...

That's good to know. If only we lived in a place where we weren't forced to inject crap into our kids to get a public education. I don't know if Gardasil is required (yet) or not. he..he... But that is truly scary!! I can sooooo see him sitting in your store talking to you about this.:-)

Mrs. Sara said...


Ingredients: cell lines from aborted fetuses

That's enough for me!

Mrs. Sara said...

Don't worry, Elizabeth. They can't actually force you to inject stuff into your kids! Here's exemption info for North Carolina.


Liz said...

This is why I really don't like all these new vaccines that don't have any long term case studies. How often do drugs get pulled from the market because they find out there are dangerous side effects?! Way too often! How do I know they won't be doing the same with the flu shot, the chicken pox vaccine, or Gardasil? Sounds like they are finding these things already! Why is it not readily publicized? That is not really a question...the power the pharmacutical companies have in this country answers it loud and clear!

Jenny W said...

the "long term" factor has ALWAYS been a strong one with me. if parents feel comfortable giving their kids the polio shot, at least that one's been around for a long time! but i really do feel like my kids's generation is the guinea pig generation...here's the newest drug, it's been in a lab with rats for 8 years now let's try it on people but we don't have any longitudinal studies...hopefully no one will notice...

no thank you.